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Professional housekeeping, reliable and environmentally friendly

Qualitative housekeeping contributes to increased safety, health and well-being both at home and in the workplace. We take good care of our employees and are proud of the valuable craftsmanship they perform at your home or workplace.

Do you want to know more about how our services can facilitate your private & working life? Do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to speaking with you.

Cleaning Duo

We help both companies & private individuals with the following in terms of cleaning services

  • Moving cleaning Skellefteå

  • Major cleaning Skellefteå

  • Death residence Skellefteå

  • Office cleaning Skellefteå

  • Stair cleaning Skellefteå

  • Construction cleaning Skellefteå

Moving cleaning with fixed price and customer satisfaction guarantee

What is included in moving cleaning?

​Living room/Living room


  • Cleaning of floors

  • Cleaning of skirting boards, connectors, doors, frames, window sills, elements

  • Cleaning of wardrobes, inside and out (if emptied)

  • Window cleaning

The kitchen

  • The kitchen is often the absolute hardest part to clean on your own, which is why only that room can sometimes justify getting help with moving house cleaning. We help you with:

  • Cleaning of fridge, cool and freezer inside and outside and underneath

  • (freezer is only cleaned if it is defrosted when cleaning begins)

  • Cleaning of extended stove inside and outside, also oven trays

  • Cleaning the dishwasher inside and out

  • Wiping and drying of cupboards, drawers and benches (inside if they are emptied, the cutlery drawer also applies)

  • Wiping of kitchen hood and valves (not inside)

  • Wiping of lighting

Note, however, that cleaning behind and under appliances only takes place if you, as a customer, have pulled these out yourself and restore them after cleaning.


  • Cleaning of all sanitary facilities, also under the bathtub (the front is dismantled and restored by the customer)

  • Cleaning of tiled walls

  • Washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet are cleaned inside and out

  • Floor drains and valves are cleaned externally

  • Storage areas are cleaned

  • Wiping of lighting

  • As with the kitchen appliances, you need to pull out any washing machines and dryers yourself if we are to be able to clean under and behind them.

  • You can of course supplement your booking of moving cleaning by also booking cleaning of adjacent areas such as balcony, storage room, laundry room or garage. Window cleaning is included in the service if it can be accessed with a simple ladder. Cleaning behind the fridge, freezer, stove, washing machine and dryer is only carried out if the appliance is pulled out by the customer and returned by the customer after cleaning.

Office cleaning

As a company, are you looking for high-quality office cleaning at a competitive price? Our professional cleaners are well trained and experienced in all aspects of office cleaning. Would you like to know more about how we at Serviceförmedlingen Norr AB can make working life easier for you? Feel free to contact us by phone on 076 577 60 21 or email and we will tell you more about our services.

kontorsstädning skellefteå, kontorstäd i skellefteå

Construction cleaning

We carry out tasks where we do final cleaning and maintenance cleaning. Most often, it is about new construction, renovated objects and cleaning after the change of tribe in Skellefteå and the surrounding area.

Estate cleaning and emptying of estates

Emptying and cleaning out the estate is usually one of the things that must be resolved early on. But when the strength is lacking and the grief is too great, what do you do then? Contact us at Serviceförmedlingen Norr AB and we will relieve you of the practicalities. What is specifically included in emptying/cleaning a private household varies greatly from case to case. We are happy to help with emptying the home and can also take responsibility for contacting charities if there are things that you no longer want or could not sell. When the home is completely emptied, we carry out a move-out cleaning according to the guidelines from the Mäklarsamfundet. Of course, we offer a guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can help you in a good way.

We are happy to move your home or business

flytt företag skellefteå, flyttfirma skellefteå

Our moving solutions can be adapted to your needs. We offer moving assistance such as unpacking your things before the move, we can also assist with moving cleaning when the accommodation has been moved out. Every move is unique and we cater to your needs so that your move feels safe and secure. We move your household goods quickly and easily
We are no strangers to any assignment, whether it concerns a piano move or a transport of the crystal chandelier, all or parts of your home, we can promise that we will do our job with confidence.

Private move


Company relocation

​For a household move, you can leave all aspects, from packing and cleaning to storage, delivery and assembly, to our professional team with complete confidence. We are committed to listening to your needs and tailoring our mission to meet your wishes. With a long and reliable experience in handling both fragile and valuable items, you can be sure that our experienced moving experts will treat your belongings with the utmost care. Each item is treated with care and respect, just as if it were our own.

We assist companies in various industries, whether small or large, with their moving needs. We are well aware that corporate relocations require special attention, given the often time-critical schedules and the potential costs that small mistakes can cause. Our goal is to carry out the move with minimal impact on your business and create as little disruption as possible. If you have questions or want to book our services, you are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail or send a quote request and we will contact you.

flytthjälp i skellefteå, flyttfirma skellefteå
Weekend move

Do you want to move during the weekend when you are still free? Of course it works! We offer weekend removals in Skellefteå and all of Västerbotten. If you enter a moving date that falls on a weekend in the price request, you will be told what your move costs, including weekend surcharges.

monteringstjänst skellefteå , möbelmontering
Assembly service
We offer professional assembly assistance for furniture, lighting and electronics, either in connection with the move or as a separate service. Our experienced installers take care of everything with care and precision for the best results. We assemble furniture and offer home fixes of many different kinds and fix and solve most things inside and outside your home.

Feel free to contact us today if you need help with installation in your business or home.
grässklippning skellefteå, trädgårdsskötsel skellefteå

Real estate services to companies and individuals

We are proud to offer a wide range of real estate services for both businesses and individuals. Our services include professional gardening, where we take care of everything from grass cutting to leaf collection during the summer but also snow shoveling and snow removal during the winter months. For those who need to carry out demolition work or freshen up their spaces, we also offer demolition services, painting, simple remodeling and much more. Whatever your real estate needs, we're here to help.
Regardless of whether you as a private personn electricitysmiles that companies need help with lawn mowing , tree felling, snow shoveling in Skellefteå and the surrounding area Please contact us and we will find a solution together.

For private indivisuals 

We offer different contract options to ensure that your summer house is maintained all year round. This means that we take care of the property as soon as the season changes. When the grass starts to grow, the trees bloom and the weeds take over, we are there to make sure your property is always in perfect condition. This means short-cut grass, well-watered flowers and generally well-maintained surroundings. This allows you to enjoy your vacation or relaxation without worrying about the property. As summer turns to autumn and winter, our commitment continues. We ensure that leaves and fruit are cleared from the lawn when the trees drop their leaves. By regularly inspecting and maintaining the property, we reduce the risk of unwanted visitors and prevent costly weather-related damage. We are your reliable partner who ensures that your property is in the best possible condition all year round.

For Companies

For those of you who have apartment buildings, business buildings or you who are condominium associations, we have property management according to what you think is necessary for your needs.

During the summer, we take care of your green areas, hedge and make sure that it is neat and presentable for living there, receiving customers or renting out, in addition, if necessary, we can provide with property managers/janitors who look after and solve the daily operations for your properties.

ֿSnow Shovel
But then there will always be an autumn and winter, where we are prepared with anti-slip and snow removal so that the properties which in the summer should always be at their best for you, customers, tenants and residents and as mentioned above, we have our property managers/janitors who ensures that daily operations work.

Technology Services 

For Private Indivisuals

We are at your service with a wide range of technical services and can offer professional installation and technical support for a variety of devices and systems. Our expert team can help you with everything from TV and smart home devices to printers, internet connection, computers and mobile phones. In addition, we can guide you through the use of key digital tools and apps such as Mobile Bank ID, Swish and Kivra with our specialized services. Our goal is to make your digital everyday life easier and more comfortable by offering comprehensive technical support and solutions that suit your needs.
IT konsult skellefteå

For Companies

Our company specializes in delivering tailored IT consulting services and on-site support to companies in all industries. With our team of experienced IT experts and technology enthusiasts, we can not only solve your existing IT challenges but also take your business to new heights.

Our range of services includes:

IT Consulting: We work closely with your business to understand your specific needs and develop tailored IT solutions that are a perfect fit for your business. We help you optimize your infrastructure, implement new technology and strategies and increase your IT security.

On-site support: Our technical experts are always ready to rush to your location when needed. Whether it's urgent repairs, installation of new equipment or training for your staff, you can count on our fast and reliable on-site support.

Cloud-based solutions: We can guide you through the transition to cloud services and help you take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency that the cloud offers. From cloud infrastructure to SaaS applications, we have the expertise to optimize your business in the digital era.

IT Security: We are committed to protecting your business against cyber threats. Our experts can assess your current security structure, implement the latest security solutions and provide training to increase awareness of security risks among your staff.


With our help, you can improve your business performance, increase the efficiency and security of your IT environment and ensure that you are ready for future technological challenges. Let us be your trusted partner for all your IT needs and take your business to the next level.

Do you have a specific need? Contact us and we will help you. We create tailor-made solutions for your needs.
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